Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wireless Cards with Edgy

My previous post on wireless cards requiring ndiswrapper applies equally to Edgy, however, make sure you have the latest version of ndiswrapper-utils. I had to install the packages listed below before installing the driver. Install these in the order listed:

This is the ubuntu page to search and download packages without using synaptic.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gnome Wallpaper and Themes

Two great sites for gnome themes and wallpaper are gnome-look and art.gnome. For themes, remember that you should look under the GTK 2.x and the Metacity categories. You will need both unless the theme you are looking at bundles both. GTK is for widgets (buttons, apps, etc.) and Metacity is for window borders. Download the file and install using theme preferences. Other good sites for wallpaper are Socksoff, caedes, and Interfacelift.

Ubuntu Guide for Edgy

Just as a note, the Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide has been updated for Edgy. The instructions are mostly command line but remember that you can use synaptic for the packages it says to install. However, it is an excellent reference for learning what these packages are called.

Update on iPod for Edgy

Instead of using gtkpod and gpodder, I highly recommend using the listen player. It can be downloaded using synaptic.

PLF for Edgy

(See update post-PLF is now medibuntu)
At the time of this post, the PLF repository was down for Edgy Eft. There's a link on their site to another fallback option. The link page is here. But just in case, this is the alternative APT line:
deb edgy-plf free non-free
Also, you might need the key. There is a command line instruction on the PLF site but to do this my way, right click on one of the two sites below (the first is PLF and the second is the fallback) and choose save link location:
Then go System-->Administration-->Synaptic-->Settings-->Repositories-->Authentication Tab-->Click on Import Key File-->Choose the file that you just downloaded.