Saturday, July 18, 2009

RemotePad (iPhone + Ubuntu)

I've used synergy/quicksynergy in the past for controlling the mouse and keyboard on my desktop with the mouse and keyboard on my laptop. There is an app for the iPhone that allows me to do it with my iPhone the same way. It is called RemotePad. RemotePad is in the app store. Here's how to set up the server end on the computer you want to control (tested on Jaunty):
1. Install "build-essential" and "libXtst-dev" on your computer using synaptic or apt-get.
2. Download the RemotePad source package from the website.
3. Untar/Unzip the package (double click the the file and extract it where you want). This will create a folder called "RemotePad Server". I prefer to put programs like this in my /opt folder but somewhere in your home folder works fine too.
4. Then open a terminal and go to the sub-folder "X11" within the new "RemotePad Server" folder. Your command should be something like (remember to use quotes around "RemotePad Server"):
cd ~/"RemotePad Server"/X11
5. Run the following commands:
sudo make install
6. That's it. To start the server, use the following command:
7. You might want to put it in sessions located in System-->Preferences--Startup Applications (so that it starts when you computer does).

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